CfP: „Are we Living in an Age of Distraction?“, London (26.04.2018)

Call for Papers für die Graduiertenkonferenz des Birkbeck Instituts mit dem Thema „Are we Living in an Age of Distraction?“ | London

Deadline Abstract: 26. April 2018 | Datum der Veranstaltung: 08.-09. Juni 2018

CFP: Birkbeck Institutes Graduate Conference 8-9 June 2018
Theme: Are we Living in an Age of Distraction?
This conference explores distraction and all its meanings and implications. Distraction is commonly thought of as a growing concern or even a sickness of modern society and digital culture. From mindless scrolling to heavy consumerism, the pursuit for entertainment and satisfaction is insatiable, leaving us vulnerable to ruling corporations. Does our lack of control transform us into a conformed mass that is susceptible to tabloid media and the rise of populism? On the other hand, distraction is not necessarily steeped in negativity. In fact, it has had a long and fascinating history. Its German equivalent, ‘Zerstreuung’, comes from the idea of dispersion. At the start of the twentieth-century, Walter Benjamin defined the term as ‘floating attention’, where experience is caused by chance rather than concentration. Does lack of focus in fact allow a sense of freedom and inspiration?
This conference aims to involve PhD students and early career researchers from all disciplines and institutions. It is funded by the Birkbeck Institutes of Social ResearchGender and Sexuality, and Humanities

Dates: 8-9 June 2018
Deadline: 26 April 2018. 
Please send 200 word abstracts and 50 word biography to
If you are also interested in taking part in the running of the event such as chairing a panel, please get in touch via this email. 
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