Konferenz: „(Post)secular: Imagining faith in contemporary cultures“, Warwick (08.-10.06.2017)

(Post)secular: Imagining faith in contemporary cultures | University of Warwick

Datum der Veranstaltung: 08.-10. Juni 2017

An international, interdisciplinary conference, University of Warwick, 8-10 June 2017, conceived and hosted by Dr Silke Horstkotte and Dr James Hodkinson.

Modern Western societies tend to think of themselves as secular in their establishment, and to view religion as a matter for the private sphere. At the same time, matters of faith continue to pervade our daily lives and to shape our world-view. The term „post-secular“ is often used to indicate a renewed interest in religion as a social, political and cultural force, acknowledging the need for political and social engagement with religious as well as non-faith based groups and voices. Yet in many ways, the term remains unclear, and its usage inconsistent. „Post-secular“ can refer to the return of religion not on a social scale, but as a discursive aspect of modernity; or it can indicate a deconstructive critique of the secular, as well as of its opposite, religion, or an ambivalent discourse about secularity and religion in literature and the arts. But have we ever fully been secular? Is post-secularism a coherent intellectual-cultural movement, or yet another fleeting epochal descriptor? And has religion really “returned”, or have the media simply become more attuned to religion because of its prevalence as an identity marker?

The conference event (Post)secular engages these question through a series of encounters between scholarly discussion and artistic intervention. Combining Keynote lectures by John Milbank, Heather Walton, Aaron Rosen, and Uwe Steinmetz with conference panels on postsecular fiction, visual practices, sites and spaces, and sonic interventions, a film screening and discussion with Somali-born Irish director Hanan Dirya, a pop-up exhibition and artist’s talk in Coventry Cathedral with British Library artist-in-residence Michael Takeo Magruder, and a Jazz Evening Prayer with Uwe Steinmetz, (Post)secular takes up Charles Taylor’s argument that secularity entails not only the secularization of public spaces and the decline of belief and practice, but also a new set of conditions under which both belief and unbelief occur. By bracketing the (post), we aim to sidestep the unproductive periodization paradigm, opening up to the breadth and variety of cultural forms through which ideas about faith are articulated (and indeed shaped) in the present.

The conference will take place in Scarman House, University of Warwick; to register for the conference as a guest, please get in touch with the organizers by email: j.r.hodkinson@warwick.ac.uk / s.horstkotte@warwick.ac.uk

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