CfA: Animal Heroes

Die Ausgabe II/2017 des E-Journals helden.heroes.héros widmet sich dem Thema „Animals: Projecting the Heroic across Species“.

Heroic behaviour is generally conceived of as intrinsically human behaviour. A heroic deed comes to mind, a feat achieved, maybe a heroic death, and almost certainly an afterlife: a heroic reputation guarded, commemorated, and celebrated by a community of admirers. Interestingly, animals have been heroised in very similar ways. To the extent that their behaviour appears analogous to that of humans, we project onto them concepts of heroism and the heroic. In fact, a closer look reveals a plethora of animals that have become the focal point of such anthropomorphic attributions.

Die Deadline für Beitragsvorschläge ist der 31.03.2017; der vollständige CfA ist hier einzusehen.

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