CfP: „Benjamin’s Pedagogy“, Atlanta (26.01.2017)

Call for Papers für das Seminar „Benjamin’s Pedagogy“ auf der 41. Konferenz der German Studies Association | Atlanta

Deadline Abstract: 26. Januar 2017
Datum der Veranstaltung: 5.-8. Oktober 2017


  • Avital Ronell (NYU)
  • Dennis Johannssen (Brown)
  • Dominik Zechner (NYU)

Die Akademie ist zur Universität geworden und die Studenten zu Akademikern. (GS II/2: 601)

The seminar is designed to reflect on Walter Benjamin’s conceptions of education, adolescence, and the institutions of learning in order to develop a concept of pedagogy that could figure as an entry point for a renewed understanding of his oeuvre. We will trace Benjamin’s pedagogy as it is reflected throughout his work, with a special focus on how it manifests in his very early writings on the critique of education and culture (comprising texts such as “Die Schulreform,” “Der Moralunterricht,” “Erotische Erziehung,” “Das Leben der Studenten,” and “Metaphysik der Jugend”). Most of these pieces have only recently been made available in English translation. The seminar will examine this peculiar corpus of texts, contextualize it in terms of Benjamin’s participation in the German youth movement, and appraise it with respect to Benjamin’s work at large (e.g. regarding the Berliner Kindheit or Benjamin’s radio pieces). Introducing a historical perspective, we will attempt to flesh out Benjamin’s pedagogical understanding against the backdrop of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century theories of pedagogy (Kant, Schleiermacher, Jean Paul, etc.).

Format: The seminar sessions will consist in short presentations of pre-circulated 10-page papers by the authors (5 minutes), followed by a response from a predetermined reader (10 minutes), and an open discussion (15-20 minutes). Each participant presents a paper and gives a response. The conveners will introduce and moderate the seminar.

By the end of March, we will provide our participants with a reader containing the core texts by Benjamin and a selection of pertinent secondary literature. Papers will be submitted and pre-circulated by mid-August. This will give participants enough time to study the submissions and prepare their responses.

The seminar will bring together a representative group of accomplished Benjamin scholars, combined with junior scholars and readers of Benjamin. We hope to establish a strong understanding of the scope and significance of Benjamin’s pedagogical concerns and theories. Our long-term goal is to develop the presented papers into articles for a comprehensive collected volume or journal issue on Benjamin’s pedagogy.

If you wish to participate, please visit the GSA website and apply electronically.

Registration is open until January 26, 2017.

For more information or in case of questions, please contact <>

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