CfP: „Displaced Philologies: Translations of the Other and the German Tradition“, Toronto (31.10.2016)

Call for Papers für den Workshop „Displaced Philologies: Translations of the Other and the German Tradition“ | Toronto

Deadline Abstract: 31. Oktober 2016
Datum der Veranstaltung: 11.-12. Mai 2017

This two-day workshop explores the German literary and cultural canon’s multilingual aspects and the significance of its multiple origins, including literary permutations of the German tradition in non-Germanic languages and theory.

Themes like the role and enduring presence of Yiddish in High German and its canonical authors like Heine, Kafka, Benjamin – among others – will be considered. At the same time, the dialectics of other linguistic sources will be considered, along with the wealth of all those languages that inform modern German, whose often unrecognizable assimilation indicates the crucially important role these sources continue to play.

If alterity has always been central to high German, its dialectical dynamics in canon construction call for new appreciation of its rich yet often hidden and ignored effects upon tradition. These multilingual voices need to be re-examined if philology is to fully unfold the critical potential of its modern origins and their many linguistic transformations. Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, English, the Scandinavian and Slavic languages, for instance, have played formative roles in the constructions of modern German literature.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the crucial function of these multilingual aspects of German literature, and the significance of alterity in critically rethinking philology and literary theory.

Send abstracts (500 words) by October 31, 2016, to Willi Goetschel at and David Suchoff at

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