Neue Zeitschrift: On_Culture. The Open Journal for the Study of Culture

Noch ganz frisch ist die OA-Zeitschrift On_Culture, betreut vom International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) an der Universität Gießen. Schwerpunkt von Heft 1: „the entanglement of the concepts Emergence and Emergency“  .

Kurz und knapp in eigenen Worten:

„On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic e-Journal created and edited by doctoral researchers, postdocs and professors working at the GCSC. It provides a platform and forum for pursuing and reflecting on the study of culture. It investigates, problematizes and develops key concepts and methods in the field. More often than not, developing such new approaches and emerging topics is a collaborative and collective process. On_Culture is dedicated to fostering such collective processes and the cultural dynamics at work in thinking about and reflecting on culture.

The journal consists of three sections: academic _Articles (double-blind peer review),  _Essays and _Perspectives such as video clips, interviews and visual statements, which can be submitted on a rolling basis. On_Culture is the result of collaborative processes and emergent structures in the field of e-publishing. On_Culture puts new approaches and emerging topics in the (trans)national study of culture ‘on the line’ and, in so doing, fills the gap____ between ‘on’ and ‘culture’. There are numerous ways of filling the gap, and the plurality of approaches is something for which we strive with each new issue.“

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