CFP for Cross-Cultural Reading on Comparative Literature Studies

CFP for Cross-Cultural Reading on Comparative Literature Studies

„[…] It is often stated that language and culture shape the way we think. Over the past decades, various research fields from postcolonial studies through cross-cultural psychology have studied in great detail the extent to which culturally driven values and perspectives affect the way we see the world. However, relatively little has been done to investigate how participants in different cultures read differently. For example, when processing the “same” texts, do readers from Asian cultural backgrounds understand them in ways different from Westerners, and if so, to what extent do readers’ comprehension and valuation of topics, characters, and plots vary in different cultural environments? Do cultural reading habits really exist, or is it simply that reading has no cultural boundaries in the digital age? Besides general claims on reading “between” cultures, and despite the burgeoning scholarship on and theorization of translation and of world literature, literary studies still have only a limited understanding of what cultural difference in reading style really means. In sum, cross-cultural study on literature reading is still a less travelled road.

We invite papers for a special issue of Comparative Literature Studies that focus on how culture shapes the stories that we share and read. […]“

Submissions deadlines: July 31, 2016 for abstracts and CVs; January 31, 2017 for completed papers

Issue to be published in December 2017

Das ausführliche CfP mit allen Informationen ist auf den Seiten des GCSC der Universität Gießen zu finden.

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