Konf.: “SPACES, PLACES, CITIES, AND SPATIALITY” International Walter Benjamin Society Conference

International Walter Benjamin Society Conference “SPACES, PLACES, CITIES, AND SPATIALITY”
December 13 – December 16

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, 2015

Organizers: Eli Friedländer, Yoav Rinon, Ilit Ferber, Vivian Liska

For Walter Benjamin, »space« is a seminal notion with broad and multifaceted manifestations in his writing. Space rarely appears there as an independent concept, but is rather bound up with language, temporality, memory, writing, image, and experience. Space thus emerges not only as one of Benjamin’s most prominent topics (such as his discussions of concrete places like Berlin, Moscow, and Naples), but also as part of the very infrastructure of his thought. Space intersects with temporality and history, as is evident in Benjamin’s conceptualization of Paris as the capital of the 19th century as well as in his detailed discussion of the bourgeois interiors of Berlin at the turn of the twentieth century. Spatiality is a fundamental idea informing Benjamin’s conceptualization of border, threshold, and limit and their literal and metaphoric implications; it has a crucial function in Benjamin’s conceptualization of the »dialectical image« and its temporal as well as linguistic configurations. In exploring space and spatiality as subject matter and conceptual structure of Benjamin’s thought, this conference aims to enhance the engagement with and understanding of a central aspect of Benjamin’s oeuvre as well as its continuous relevance for our time. (Aus dem CfP)

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