CfP: Beiträge für E-Journal „452°F. Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature“ (deadline: 31-7-2015)

Thinking about Affect in Culture and Art

The notion of affect—which can often encompass a variety of concepts such as passions, moods, sensations, feelings and emotions—has been a recurrent theme throughout the history of philosophy. Recently we have witnessed an increased proliferation of academic publications focused on the role of affect in cultural theory—especially the conceptualization of affect that is understood as the ability to affect and be affected that draws on the line of thought from Gilles Deleuze back through Spinoza—which indicates what Patricia Clough dubs an “affective turn” in the humanities and social sciences. The work of Brian Massumi, Teresa Brennan, Jasbir Puar, Sara Ahmed, Michael Hardt and Lauren Berlant has contributed to our comprehension of the ways in which affectivity permeates the contemporary social fabric, participating in the normalization and naturalization of power relations, as well as offering a great potential for dislocating them.

On January 31st 2015, we start the CFP for the fourteenth issue of the 452°F. Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, to be published on January 31st 2016. This CFP is open and addressed to anyone who wishes to contribute and who holds at least a BA degree.

The criteria that follow, which regulate the receipt and publication of any works, are subject to the content of the Peer review System, the Style-sheet and the Legal Notice. All these may be consulted on the Procedures area of the web page (

– Deadline for submissions is July 31st 2015; all articles received after this date will be rejected.
– To be considered for the peer review process, all articles must follow the regulations described in the style-sheet.
– The number of articles included in the fourteenth issue will range from 8 to 12. The articles will be placed, according to the field of interest, in the corresponding section of the Journal (monographic or miscellaneous).
– The monographic section will be restricted to 4 to 8 articles and, in the fourteenth issue, will bring together a body of texts dealing with “Thinking about Affect in Culture and Art”. A non-comprehensive list of possible topics is:

a)    Affect vs. emotion, sensation and feeling. Theoretical, epistemological and methodological approaches.
b)    History of affect, affected history.
c)    Affect and reading practices.
d)    Affect and aesthetics. Hapticity, sensation, corporeal reception.
e)    Affect in time and space. Alternative geographies and temporalities.
f)    Affect and studies of materiality. Thing theory, materialism in feminist theory, queer materialism.
g)    Posthuman, impersonal, animal affects.
h)    Politics of affect. Affective normativity and affective dissidences.
i)    Affective utopias and feeling backward: love, happiness, depression, shame, failure, melancholy.

– All other articles will constitute the miscellaneous section and, as long as it stays within the boundaries of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, and the choice of theme and approach is free.
– Original texts should be submitted through OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS (OJS). In order to do so, contributors need to be registered as AUTHOR following this link. Feel free to contact us at should you encounter any problem.



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