CfP: Second Bremen Conference on Language and Literature in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts (BCLL #2)

In the context of the research focus Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Bremen, Germany, the interdisciplinary Second Bremen Conference on Language and Literature in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts (BCLL #2) on
Space in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts:
Language, Literature, and the Construction of Place and Diaspora
will take place: September 3–7, 2014
CfP Deadline: April 11, 2014

„Emphasis will be put on the critical reflection of the category of space in (post)colonial contexts. Instead of looking at colonial and postcolonial spaces as static historical structures, we aim at exploring processes of spatial construction and representation in cultural practices. Our interdisciplinary perspectives will facilitate prospects on the dynamic nexus between space, place and coloniality in Postcolonial Studies by means of focusing on migration, mobility, displacement and further concepts of spatial dynamics.

This international meeting brings together scholars of various backgrounds who study the relationship between language, literature, culture, geography, and the construction of colonial sites with a focus on discussions about the concept of diaspora in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies. We aim at initiating a new interdisciplinary research program that explores how language, literature, culture, and place-making processes have been affected by colonial and postcolonial conditions and how material colonial and postcolonial constellations have been reflected, shaped and negotiated by communication and symbolic practice.

We welcome contributions from linguistics, literary and cultural studies, geography, anthropology, history, political science, and other disciplines. „

For more detailed informations (conditions, sections …) see the Conference Website or H|Soz|u|Kult.

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