Konferenz: Archives of the Arctic. Ice, Entropy and Memory

Ice, Entropy And Memory. Interdisciplinary conference, Humboldt-University Berlin, Department of Slavistics, 18 – 20 September 2013

„Compared to other natural archives, the Arctic is a very special ground, because its main memory medium is not simply earth or stone, but ice. Depending on temperatures under zero, ice seems to be the most vulnerable, the most unstable memory medium of the three; a fact that causes concern nowadays, in times of climate change. This interdisciplinary conference discusses the circumpolar area under an archivological perspective. Focusing on ice as a memory medium and a cultural metaphor; scientists, scholars and artists examine the basic problem of the relation between natural and cultural archives. Contributions will elaborate on questions like: How and in what dierent ways has ice been (implicitly or explicitly) conceptualized as a memory medium? What is the symbolical potential of the “natural archive”? How is it developed in dierent historical periods and dierent discourses and genres (science, historiography, fiction, documentary)? And in what sense may the notion of the natural archive help reframe the man/culture nexus?“ (Zitiert aus d. Programmflyer)

The conference is part of the Excellence Initiative of the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Organized by Susanne Frank and Kjetil A. Jakobsen

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