Gregory Currie, Does great literature make us better ?

Via Fabula lassen sich immer wieder an entlegener Stelle publizierte Beiträge ausfindig machen, die äußerst lesenswert sind. Gregory Currie, Philosophie-Professor an der University of Nottingham räsonierte jüngst in einem Blog der New York Times („The Stone“) über die Frage: Does great liteature make us better? Vielleicht genügen die ersten Zeilen, um neugierig zu machen?

You agree with me, I expect, that exposure to challenging works of literary fiction is good for us. That’s one reason we deplore the dumbing-down of the school curriculum and the rise of the Internet and its hyperlink culture. Perhaps we don’t all read very much that we would count as great literature, but we’re apt to feel guilty about not doing so, seeing it as one of the ways we fall short of excellence. Wouldn’t reading about Anna Karenina, the good folk of Middlemarch and Marcel and his friends expand our imaginations and refine our moral and social sensibilities?

If someone now asks you for evidence for this view, I expect you will have one or both of the following reactions. (…).

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